Searching for Schumpeter!

BROADVIEW TV is a leading German production company of documentaries. We are currently producing a feature length documentary about economist Joseph Schumpeter.

We are looking for archive material showing Schumpeter, possibly on film, but also on photos. Who is can help us?

Schumpeter lived and worked at these locations:

1883 Born in Triesch (Austria-Hungary)

1893 – 1911 University studies and doctorate in Vienna (Austria)

1906 – 1907 Studies in London, Oxford und Cambridge (GB)

1908 Cairo

1909 – 1911 Professorship in Czernowiki (Ukraine)

1911 – 1918 Professorship in Graz (Austria)

1919 – 1925 Vienna (Secretary of Finance with the Republic of Austria, Bank director)

1925 – 1932 Professorship in Bonn (Germany)

1930 Lectures in Japan

1932 – 1950 Professorship in Harvard (USA)

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